For ease of use and portability, a projector can be hard to beat, we carry a high quality fleet and regularly change out to ensure we only supply projectors with a Long Lamp Life, or LLL for short. 

Next time you need a projector make sure you check what LLL you are going to get and don't forget to ask about the Lumens.

Lots of projectors are under 2000 lumens, these would be  cheaper for us to buy but we don't think give you sufficient brightness.

Our projectors are a minimum 2200 Lumens and have a high end spec to help ensure they give you a great picture, we never forget thats its all about you you you and your presentation. 

We connect directly to Windows Laptops via the standard VGA 15pin plug which we supply.


We also carry a range of MAC adaptors so don't worry, just remember to let us know what model you have as there are a number of versions depending on whether you use a MAC book Pro or other model.

We even have an adaptor if you want to connect your IPAD to our projectors