Hire a telephone system !!

If you are looking at a new telephone system then Imagine for a moment being able to control your entire telephone system from your smart phone.

Now you can make that Handset work in exactly the same way as your office phone using Mobile X 

Answer calls, Place callers on hold, Transfer calls back to the office.

Change call settings, add an extension, set up voice mail, enable call conferencing.

Add users easily, expand your system as and when required.

No additional lines or cables required, use your existing broadband connection and take advantage of the high number of intelligent features that are available with our Hosted solution.

  • Free calls to all your offices,
  • Low Monthly Line Rentals 
  • No Maintenance or Upgrades ever 
  • No PBX Hardware no installation costs, simply plug a new phone in.
  • Easy adds, moves and changes
  • Pay only for the features you use (see next page for a complete list)