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All costs are Ex-VAT 

£50.00 per day
Epson EMP- data projector 2200 lumens

£30.00 per day
Deluxe 1.8m (6’) pull up screen

Hire It All AV Technicians deliver and set-up all equipment at your chosen venue. Most of our equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with the exception of projectors as they can’t be used outside during daylight hours unless you have a very shaded area or marquee with dark sides and ceiling.  Projectors are suitable for outside use from dusk until dawn. If you have a large daytime outdoor event, LED screens can be used though they are considerably more expensive (from £2,500 per day) as they are mounted on a lorry and require their own generator for electrical power. We can also supply LED screens with in-built amplifiers and speakers if sound is a requirement.

All equipment is complete with cables required to connect a laptop, DVD Player or VCR to a projector for video and into a PA System for sound (if required). If you use a Mac/iMac computer, you will need to provide the 4cm VGA socket cable that is supplied with every Mac machine. One end of this cable simply connects to your computer and we supply the VGA cable that connects to your 4cm VGA socket cable and the other connects to the projector. All of our equipment is supplied with cables and we do not charge extra for this i.e. if you order a PA System it comes with amplifier and speaker leads. Similarly if you order one of our top of the range Sennheiser Hand-held Radio Microphones or Lapel Radio Microphone, it  is supplied as a complete system with Base Unit receiver, power adaptor and a microphone cable to connect into the PA System.

£150.00 per day 
Epson EMP-7900 XGA data projector 4000 lumens

*£75.00 per day 
Deluxe FastFold Projection Screen with front or rear surface.

Two sizes of FastFold screens are available, both at £75.00 per day

2.43m x 1.8m (8' x 6') or 3.65m x 2.74m (12' x 9')

*£75.00 per day 
Peavey 150 watt PA System

The Peavey Escort 150 watt PA System is complete with 2 speakers and stands, 150 watt amplifier, 5 input mixing desk and all required cables. This system is suitable for approximately 100 people and you can connect microphones and the sound signal from a Skybox, television, DVD players, VCR's, cassette tape and laptops.

*£170.00 per day

Peavey 500 watt PA System complete with Peavey 6 channel mixer with 4 microphone inputs and Phantom Power for Condenser microphones, 2 Peavey speakers and Heavy-Duty speaker stands. The sound from a DVD, VCR or CD player can be connected to this mixing desk in addition to 4 microphones.

                                    £30.00 per day                                                           £30.00 per day 


            Sennheiser hand-held radio microphone              Sennheiser lapel radio microphone 


£30.00 per day DVD Player

£30.00 per day Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)

 £50.00 per day presentation laptop for showing text, images and video, complete with Microsoft Office

 £30.00 projector stand up to 2m (6’ 6”) high


Larger PA Systems are available for audience sizes from 1,000 to 30,000 and are priced individually depending on the size of the required system, length of hire and distance from our offices in Watford, Hertfordshire.

* Subject to £20.00 Heavy-items delivery surcharge and £20.00 Heavy-items collection surcharge. Please note. This surcharge is only charged once per invoice regardless of how many heavy items are ordered i.e. if you hire a PA System and a large screen, you will be charged a total of £40.00 surcharge. This surcharge is to allow for delivery in a larger vehicle and the extra set-up time that it takes our technicians to set-up.


Delivery costs include full set-up by a Hire It All technician

£10.00 Central london and up to 20 miles from Watford, Hertfordshire

£20.00 Outer London and up to 40 miles from Watford, Hertfordshire

£25.00 over 40 miles from Watford, Hertfordshire


Collection costs as above


On-site technicians are available at £65.00 per hour or part thereof for connection of additional equipment during your presentations or for monitoring and muting microphones as required.

Our equipment is suitable for Corporate & Private hire for boardroom presentations or larger Indoor & Outdoor events. Our range of equipment includes projectors, projection screens, PA Systems, radio microphones, lapel radio microphones, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) Players, Video Cassette Recorders (VCR), Laptops, Camcorders, Gazebos, Marquees, Generators, Bouncy castles, large inflatables for corporate fun days. AV technicians/Sound Engineers are available for on-site presentations where volume levels would need to be adjusted throughout the presentation/event or if there are several laptops being connected one after the other for individual presentations. Typically local and national government, charities, councils and community centres would have requirements for on-site technicians.